Would McLaughlin Privatize Public Facilities?

Here is a question from Kahului resident Rhonda Glass. Would you advocate privatizing certain facilities (such as the public pools, tennis courts, golf courses, etc.), as well as certain services, such as residential trash pick-up and curbside recycling/recycling centers?

Yes as long as pools and tennis courts remain free facilities for the users.

Thanks for question. That was easy to answer.


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Where Does McLaughlin Stand With Non-Profit Organizations?

Here is a question coming from Rosina Potter.


There are many worthy non-profits such as Women Helping Women, Imua Family Services, and Maui Aids Foundation that are constantly having funds taken away due to state and federal budget shortages.  How would you find ways to help these organizations?
Mahalo for your answer.
I am going to be honest. That is better than just telling all voters what they want to hear.  I do not feel that it is the government’s responsibility to be providing to non-profits. Non-profits are supposed to raise their money from fundraisers and donations. The County Council I feel should not have non-profits in their budget. I feel that the top priority right now should be cleaning the water supply and pay what they need to do it.
Having said that, I have no problem helping non-profits if there is money left over in the budget. However, I am very careful with organizations that call themselves non profits. I won’t mention the names but certain organizations are a little sketchy. Some of the offices are beautiful and look like they took millions of dollars. Another organization holds meetings and the worst car at these meetings is a BMW. That makes me scratch my head and wonder if they really need the money they request.
Therefore, the council has to be careful in giving money to these organizations and should get assurance that the “taxpayer” money they receive actually is used for the cause. The organizations you asked about are legit good causes from what I see. I know my church gives a lot of money to Imua Family Services because we believe in their cause.
I am not going to lie to you. I have butted heads with Women Helping Women in the past over their name. I feel that with the growing number of male domestic violence victims, that this name is no longer appropriate. I come from a marriage where I was abused by my first wife. There are all these great services for female victims but it is not taken seriously when it happens to men. I feel that a name like that although “well intentioned” does reinforce that stereotype. So I wish they would really consider changing their name.
However, I never have questioned their cause even though I don’t like their name. Therefore, I would be okay with providing funds to the organizations you asked about if money is left over. Unfortunately, that is a big if in this economy.
That is all the more reason for the council to implement my ideas of lightening the restrictions for those who want to start a small business and looking to make some cuts in government agencies. This would generate more money for the government and make it so they are spending less.
That would give the Council more money to give to these non-profits. But again, it is what is left over in the budget and I feel the council needs to see evidence that the given non-profit has tried other resources first, like fundraising, before going to the Council. The Council should also see that the given organization is actually using the money on their cause.
Thanks for the great question Rosina.
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Does McLaughlin Support Large Business or Small Business?

Here is a question coming from Maui resident Neil Sorenson. Keep in mind that Mr. Sornenson has a very negative opinion of my campaign as you can see by his comments. He has also sent some very nasty emails. However, I will be professional and answer his question because it is a pretty good question.

He asks, “Do you support large business or small business?”

That is kind of like asking do you support your oldest son or your youngest son. I love both of my boys but like any father would, if there is a conflict I would generally help the younger one. The older one is more grown and the little one can’t defend himself.

I take the same view when looking at businesses. All a large business is is a small business that has grown and expanded. A perfect example of this is when the McDonald brothers started serving hamburgers, fries, and shakes. They were a very small operation. Today McDonald’s is one of the corporate giants in the world. They not only opened many more stores but they expanded the menu. This company has created millions of jobs worldwide.

Unfortunately if the McDonald brothers were to try and introduce their idea on Maui today, they would never get that chance. The reason being that Maui has a cap on the number of permits. When one becomes available, it goes to the highest bidder which will be the one who is already an established businessman.

Therefore, I do support both large and small business, but I am against laws that protect big business and close the small business down before it ever got started. The best and fairest thing to do is lift the cap on permits so that way both large and small business get a fair shake.

There should never be a concern of the island getting overrun with business because not every business will stand the test of time. The businesses that produce the best products for the best prices will succeed. The ones that do not will fail. That is called the Law of Supply and Demand and the best thing about is that it governs itself. Therefore, there is no need to limit the permits.

We need both large and small businesses. Large businesses create jobs while the small businesses look to grow into something more. The small business creates competition for the large business which will drive the price down.

What Maui needs is laws that favor all businesses, large and small.

Thanks for the question Neil.


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How Would McLaughlin Best Represent the People of Maui?

Here is a question coming from Kihei resident Jon Moore.

So, I want to know: How would you best represent Central Maui, and Maui County as a whole? Because, I have to say Mr. Guzman has not impressed me yet-even with his glitzy signs.

Ever since I decided to run for the County Council seat being vacated by Joe Pontanilla, I have come across a lot of skepticism when talking to voters. Many said that they don’t even vote because the candidates just tell people what they want to hear to get elected, never keep their promises, and don’t listen to the people.

I have been very careful about making promises. The reason is that although I am passionate on my views on capitalism, I know I am one member on a council of nine with only one vote.

America was founded with the idea of a government for the people by the people. Yet when is the last time a State or U. S. Representative asked you how you felt about a bill being discussed in committee and how he should vote on it? That has never happened with anyone I know. A perfect example of this is Obamacare. Most Americans did not want it. Yet the Congress passed it anyway. How is it a government by the people if the government ignores and/or doesn’t ask the people?

In many ways those who say they don’t vote because the representatives don’t listen are right. That is how it is. But I have a plan to take that reason and throw it in the trash. I will listen to the voters and ask their opinions on local issues being discussed.

My plan is to create a blog for Maui residents and show them what is being discussed in the council. Let’s say for example, a councilman suggests we build a bypass to Lahaina. I will write on my blog the Pros, the Cons, how much tax dollars it will cost, and give my opinion on the issue. Then I will have a poll for the people to vote Yay or Nay. I will then vote how the people tell me to. That is even if the people vote in a way that is different from how I feel. I represent the people and it is not the other way around.

I will do this for every issue except for the ones related to capitalism. The reason for that is that I strongly believe in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and that is something that should never be voted on in the first place.

Like I said, I am careful to make campaign promises because I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep. However, I do promise that with this plan the people’s voice will be heard like never before. How is that for government for the people by the people?

Thanks for the great question Jon.

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Where does McLaughlin Stand on Monsanto and GMOs?

Monsanto is a company that receives a lot of negative attention for their use of bio-technology to make Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). I can understand to a degree. When you hear the word bio-technology, that is certainly something that most people are unfamiliar with. The first time I heard the term genetically modified organism, the first thing that came to my mind was the Incredible Hulk. Therefore, I can certainly understand the initial resistance to something we don’t understand.

When I was first asked by voters on my feelings of Monsanto, I honestly didn’t have an official position. I know it would certainly be easy for me to condemn Monsanto and say all they do is evil. I know that would have got me a lot of votes. However, I like to see things for myself before I pass judgement.

Therefore I visited the site in Kihei. Upon my visit, I went in with an open mind not trying to pass judgement until I had a better idea of what I was dealing with. I really wasn’t completely certain on how the process worked. It is really quite simple. The corn seed is injected with bio-technology to make the GMO. The purpose of the injection is to control pests without having to spray.

That makes farming easier and according to Monsanto, the food is safer to eat. I am not an expert at determining food safety, but one argument that really stood out and cannot be disputed is that GMOs have caused no deaths. Nobody has ever gotten sick from a GMO. That is after 15 years of use. The products have been tested repeatedly for side effects and have passed every time. Opponents of Monsanto claim that they were planting GMOs before they were USDA approved. Whether they were or not, the product appears to have stood the test of time in terms of safety.

Dan Clegg of Monsanto says that all bio-technology is is another farming tool just like natural compost or chemical pesticides. He says that to determine your stance on GMOs, the better question is is bio-technology a tool you would use? “Is it in the tool box?”

One controversy surrounding Monsanto’s products is the issue of food labeling. Clegg says that the reason there is no labels saying a product has GMOs is because that warnings like that are meant when a product has any kind of danger. GMOs aren’t dangerous so there is no need to label it.

Based on my visit to the site, I see no real danger with the use of GMOs. I know that is a hard stance for a potential councilman to take, but I have to go with my integrity. I do know that human nature is to be afraid of something that is new that they don’t understand. I also know it is a lot easier to just be against something rather than look for the truth. In the case of GMOs, I understand when we eat something we want to know it is safe. However, we should also want to know if something is healthy too. That makes it very important for people to educate themselves on the topic, rather that just jump to the quick conclusion.

Unless I see evidence otherwise, I see no danger in what Monsanto does and I support them.

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Contribute to the Campaign

Candidate McLaughlin needs your support and help to for his campaign. Any funds you can contribute is greatly appreciated. Remember that no amount is too small. Mahalo!


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Where Does McLaughlin Stand on the Creation of the Mega Mall in Kihei?


One of the questions I have encountered as a candidate for County Council is where do I stand on the Mega Mall being built in Kihei? I can’t support it at this time until I have some more information. First off, I want to learn more about the group behind it. They are Eclipse Developments based in Irvine, California. If they are building it for the right reasons, I support it.

For example, if Donald Trump were behind this it would have my 100% support. Trump whenever he starts a project thinks long term and thinks in terms of building long term business relationships with those who will be doing business at his establishment. That way  everybody makes money.

That also creates job opportunities for those who live here. Lots of competition would be created and that is always good for the consumer. When the consumer has more options, the prices will be lower. That also holds the companies more accountable for making better products.

If however it were A & B Properties who was behind this mall, then I could never support it. A & B does business a completely different way. Their approach is to charge top dollar to it’s tenants for rent and then still take a high commission of the profit. That makes it very difficult for the tenants to build a long term profitable business and many shut down. That is one reason why if you walk by Maui Mall you see lots of vacant units.

Therefore, I want to meet with whoever is in charge of this Eclipse Developments and I want to know what their rental policy is. If it is one that is conducive to building long term business relationships like Trump would do, then I support it. If however, it is another venture that comes in charges ridiculously high rates and then still takes high commission then I can never support it. I support growth but it has to done the right way. A big mall with lots of empty spaces is no good for anyone.

Another issue I would like to know is how many spaces will be reserved for local business. I am not against mainland business coming in but not at the expense of local business. I think at least 35% of the stalls need to be reserved for local companies. By local companies, I mean operated by people who live here. Having a Hawaiian name but being based in let’s say Seattle does not make you a local company.

Another issue to look at is what long term environmental effects will there be? If it is another business that creates a lot of chemical runoff into the ocean, then that is something  that we really have to think about.

The bottom line is that at this point, I still need to find out that information before I can make an educated stance on this project. One thing I do feel is that the people should have a say in this. In fact, a proposal as to whether or not we want this mall should be on the ballot.  The people who asked me about it said that the people don’t want it. I don’t want to discredit that, but I want to see in a popular vote whether the people want this or not. That is a decision that can only be considered though after the questions I have are answered.

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