Now That You’re Out, Which of Your Two Former Opponents Will You Support?

Here is a question that has come from supporters of both Don Guzman and Alan Fukuyama. They basically want to know who I will support in the general election.

First, I do want to thank the nearly 3,000 people who voted for me. It is disappointing to go into something and then not win, but I am so excited to have gotten that many votes my first time ever. I basically was a one man team because I entered late and didn’t have time to put together a team. I also had no budget, and really no idea how to do a campaign. Yet, I still managed that many votes. I am excited to think about what I could do with a good campaign manager and a real team. I have already got volunteers for next time and a professional photographer. Now for the question.

I have to support Alan Fukuyama at this point. The reason is that he stands for a lot of the same things I do. He wants to help small business and is more favorable to a free enterprise system that I support. Our ideas might differ a little on how to go about it, but we want the same thing which is more small locally owned business.

Although I do respect Don Guzman, there is just too much that I can’t support. The two main ones are that he really wants to push the Island Plan and I personally hate it. It is a very complicated document that nobody has time to read. I would like to see a shorter document that is easy to understand. The US Constitution is the longest running constitution ever. It is only 21 pages long and is in very simple language. It is also set up to where it can be amended. That makes me wonder why does this Island Plan have to over 300 pages and in such complicated and confusing language.

The other thing is that I don’t support candidates endorsed by the Sierra Club. They are the organization that uses the environment as an excuse to shut down any great business idea before it gets going. Do not mistake that with actually caring for the environment. It is more about political interests and deep pockets. They endorse candidates in every race so they can control the government. They have way too much power and the voters need to realize this.

Based on all that, I am endorsing Alan Fukuyama.





About askmclaughlin

After being a teacher for 11 years, Erin McLaughlin decided to step away and start a new challenge. Politics was the last thing on his mind. McLaughlin knew he wanted to be a business owner. He just wasn't sure what kind of business until one day at the beach a tourist asked him why there were no jet ski rentals in Kihei. Then he realized that was what he would do. Little did he realize just how hard it would be to get a permit and all the obstacles that would prevent him from doing so. He and his partner wrote letters to the newspaper and talked to local and state politicians. After those attempts were unsuccessful, McLaughlin decided to become a candidate for Maui County Council himself. Ask McLaughlin is designed for the voters to ask questions of the candidate. The candidate will then give his position on the issue. Ask McLaughlin anything you want. Ask him anything you want. It can be local, state, or federal politics. Or it doesn't have to be politics at all. If you have a question, send it to
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