How Does McLaughlin Feel about Pay Raises Within the Council?

Here is a question from Mark B. Macanas of Makawao.

Mr. McLaughlin:

I would like to know your views on the Councilmen who gave their staffers whopping bonuses to “cover their overtime, etc.”?
I don’t think it’s fair at all to the other county workers who are being forced to curtail overtime and other expenses.
Mahalo for your time and consideration on this question.
To be Frank, it sickens me. Unfortunately, there is a “good ole boy network” within our local government. It seems that while everyone else is getting their pay cut and many have to work multiple jobs just to have barely enough. I would be fine with these raises if economic times were good and everyone was getting raises. However, if one group has to take a pay cut due to tough times than so should everybody else.
It kind of reminds me of about two years ago when I was working at TSA and the Federal Security Director announced that we had to take pay cuts due to tough economic times. The sad part was that the FSD did not take a pay cut himself.
I do understand tough economic times but everyone should have to sacrifice just like everyone should get rewarded in good economic times. I do want to be clear that I am referring to workers that deserve to be rewarded. If you have a worker who is always calling in, not as productive, etc. I am for incentive based raises if you can do it unilaterally.
I am absolutely against making cuts in one area and then giving raises in the high areas. This is my chance to call out the voters on this though. I have seen many letters to the Maui News complaining about the County Council doing this very thing. However, only three incumbents on the council are actually being contested. I decided to step up and run because of reasons such as these. This is just one matter of corruption that really sickens me. I hope that two years from now that no seat goes unopposed. Elected officials going unopposed means no accountability. Also, if you have a different kind of candidate you have to vote for him. You can’t continue to vote for the same people and expect change. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
Thanks for the great question Mark and I hope to get your vote.

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After being a teacher for 11 years, Erin McLaughlin decided to step away and start a new challenge. Politics was the last thing on his mind. McLaughlin knew he wanted to be a business owner. He just wasn't sure what kind of business until one day at the beach a tourist asked him why there were no jet ski rentals in Kihei. Then he realized that was what he would do. Little did he realize just how hard it would be to get a permit and all the obstacles that would prevent him from doing so. He and his partner wrote letters to the newspaper and talked to local and state politicians. After those attempts were unsuccessful, McLaughlin decided to become a candidate for Maui County Council himself. Ask McLaughlin is designed for the voters to ask questions of the candidate. The candidate will then give his position on the issue. Ask McLaughlin anything you want. Ask him anything you want. It can be local, state, or federal politics. Or it doesn't have to be politics at all. If you have a question, send it to
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