Does McLaughlin Support Large Business or Small Business?

Here is a question coming from Maui resident Neil Sorenson. Keep in mind that Mr. Sornenson has a very negative opinion of my campaign as you can see by his comments. He has also sent some very nasty emails. However, I will be professional and answer his question because it is a pretty good question.

He asks, “Do you support large business or small business?”

That is kind of like asking do you support your oldest son or your youngest son. I love both of my boys but like any father would, if there is a conflict I would generally help the younger one. The older one is more grown and the little one can’t defend himself.

I take the same view when looking at businesses. All a large business is is a small business that has grown and expanded. A perfect example of this is when the McDonald brothers started serving hamburgers, fries, and shakes. They were a very small operation. Today McDonald’s is one of the corporate giants in the world. They not only opened many more stores but they expanded the menu. This company has created millions of jobs worldwide.

Unfortunately if the McDonald brothers were to try and introduce their idea on Maui today, they would never get that chance. The reason being that Maui has a cap on the number of permits. When one becomes available, it goes to the highest bidder which will be the one who is already an established businessman.

Therefore, I do support both large and small business, but I am against laws that protect big business and close the small business down before it ever got started. The best and fairest thing to do is lift the cap on permits so that way both large and small business get a fair shake.

There should never be a concern of the island getting overrun with business because not every business will stand the test of time. The businesses that produce the best products for the best prices will succeed. The ones that do not will fail. That is called the Law of Supply and Demand and the best thing about is that it governs itself. Therefore, there is no need to limit the permits.

We need both large and small businesses. Large businesses create jobs while the small businesses look to grow into something more. The small business creates competition for the large business which will drive the price down.

What Maui needs is laws that favor all businesses, large and small.

Thanks for the question Neil.



About askmclaughlin

After being a teacher for 11 years, Erin McLaughlin decided to step away and start a new challenge. Politics was the last thing on his mind. McLaughlin knew he wanted to be a business owner. He just wasn't sure what kind of business until one day at the beach a tourist asked him why there were no jet ski rentals in Kihei. Then he realized that was what he would do. Little did he realize just how hard it would be to get a permit and all the obstacles that would prevent him from doing so. He and his partner wrote letters to the newspaper and talked to local and state politicians. After those attempts were unsuccessful, McLaughlin decided to become a candidate for Maui County Council himself. Ask McLaughlin is designed for the voters to ask questions of the candidate. The candidate will then give his position on the issue. Ask McLaughlin anything you want. Ask him anything you want. It can be local, state, or federal politics. Or it doesn't have to be politics at all. If you have a question, send it to
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